Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and group workshops are offered periodically. Please check out the Events page for events happening in your area.

Meal Plans

Already done for you meal plans, lifestyle guides and eBooks can be found here!

One-on-one Nutritional Consultations

Offered in person, or via telephone and video calls including Skype and FaceTime.

Currently not accepting new clients for one-on-one nutritional consultations.

One-on-one Nutritional Consultations

During a one-on-one nutritional consultation, we will meet to complete a comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment that will help identify any nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to certain symptoms, conditions or illnesses, or otherwise be affecting your health. If you feel you are not experiencing any specific issues or symptoms and would just like some guidance or nutritional advice, this is a great appointment for you too. A customized nutritional plan will be provided to help you achieve your specific goals.

One-on-one services:

  • Initial Nutritional Consultation
  • Follow-up Nutritional Consultation
  • Nutritional Wellness Package
  • Customized 7-day Meal Plans