Looking to Launch a Foodie Start-up? Read this.

When it comes to start-up businesses, so many people focus on tech, phone apps or consultancy services. But there is a vast market out there for people have food skills or ideas. Think about it for a moment everyone eats, and in 2018 there are more people interested in eating ethically sourced, vegan friendly or allergy aware food from smaller companies. The joy of strolling through a farmer market or getting a delivery of your favorite indie brand chocolate is fantastic.

So here are some ideas – if you’re great with food then you should consider some of these for your foodie business.


Food Blogger

Perhaps the most obvious of them all. Start talking about your love of food, talk about your knowledge too. Found a great hole-in-the-wall place that serves out of this world pasta dishes? What about the launch of a vegan menu somewhere? Have intolerances or allergies? Share your experiences with getting diagnosed, use Instagram as your visual base, and either Wordpress or Blogger to write about it. It can also be pretty lucrative in terms of brand relationships, plenty of review meals and other advertising sources.


Nutrition Coach

The more we learn about food, how it’s grown, how it is prepared and the impact it can have on our bodies, the more we need some guidance. The overdose of information for the average person might leave them a little lost. Think about getting a qualification in nutrition and consider specializing in a specific diet – diabetic, gluten-free or IBD. The more training you have, the more you can charge and the more credible you’ll be.


Bake it Up

Even though there isn’t exactly a limited supply of sweet treats on sale, if you are catering for a specific market, you can take considerable time and delight in trying the competition out and working out what you can do better? Frequently they are mass produced, so straight away you are providing something a bit more special. Ask if cafes and restaurants locally would be prepared to stock your bakes. It’s not all cakes either, loaves of bread, cookies, and muffins are all involved here. Spend some time perfecting your recipes first before you approach anyone. You could even work out how far you can send them in the mail too!



This one is a lot of fun but better suited to those who work well with tight deadlines and under pressure. You can start with a few family occasions and then for friends and off the back of those experience start offering your services in the broader area. Again, as with most things in food niche is likely better – but you should consider being able to cater for a mix of requests.


If you think a food business is out of your reach, sit down and do some research about your options, including business start-up loans, what the local competition might be, and what you would like to specialize in. Be sure to get all the required certification for health and safety too.


Jessica Mitton


Jessica Mitton is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Nutrition Expert. She believes in a holistic approach, taking into consideration the body, mind and spirit. She is fascinated by the healing potential of food and how it can contribute to an individual’s overall health. A passionate creative force in the kitchen, Jessica is continually working to develop her own highly nutritious and equally delicious recipes, made from whole, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Most of all, she enjoys the opportunity to share her passion and knowledge with others, helping them to become their healthiest possible self!