It's always nice to get positive feedback! When people choose to offer kind words about my services, it keeps me motivated to spread the message about holistic health ever further! Here are some of the messages of thanks and support that have warmed my heart of late. Much love!

Having had a particularly unhealthy summer, I knew that it was time to get back to eating well so I joined HHM with Jessica Mitton. I have been part of so many groups like this in the past since I enjoy the peer support and love finding new recipes, but honestly, I’m usually let down. Typically the recipes are healthy, but definitely not tasty and being someone who loves to eat, I always have a hard time sticking to bland chicken and steamed broccoli. HHM was completely different! I’ll admit that I was skeptical that all of the healthy ingredients on the shopping list would yield delicious meals, but I certainly was pleasantly surprised. The recipes were delicious, often tasting restaurant quality and like something that I couldn’t actually produce with my level of culinary expertise. Each recipe offered thoughtful substitutions making them easy and economical to make. The environment in the Facebook group was also one of the most supportive I’ve ever seen. Jessica constantly checked in on the participants and answered any questions posed in a thoughtful, respectful manner. I’m pleased to say that the month that I participated in the HHM program put me right back on track with my healthy lifestyle!
— Jessica Philpott, Newfoundland

This was my first time following any kind of professional program, and I was very impressed. The meal plan was excellent, and the recipes were varied, easy to follow and all tasted great! After following the program for just a few weeks, my eating habits had improved, I was feeling better with more energy, and had lost some weight. The additional wellness material, guest speakers and support offered was very helpful and made the program extremely good value. I would strongly recommend Jessica Mitton’s Healthy Habits Program.
— Andy Bamford, England

I went to see Jessica because I suffered from terrible periods. They were heavy, painful, and full of blood clots. She gave me tips on how to naturally balance my hormones by making a few tweaks and introducing seed cycling into my diet. My cycle has now completely changed for the better. I’m amazed that incorporating certain foods into my diet had such a positive influence on my hormonal health.
— Chantelle Power, Newfoundland

Jessica’s advice and the information are the absolute best in the business.

- Forgetful Chef, California

This Woman.....THE BEST. Thank you Jessica for being such an amazing presenter and for doing such a great service to the JDRF community. I wasn’t in the door last night and had emails raving about your session. Thank you, thank you once again!
— Amanda Kane, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation NL (JDRF)

I first met Jessica when she came to the Moncton Branch to apply for the part time Natural Nutrition program. She was enthusiastic, friendly & professional & eager to begin her studies. All those attributes served her well with her classmates & instructors & she soon became known for the student who took the best notes & her organizational skills. We were sad to find out that she was leaving our branch and the classroom to finish school through our distance ed branch, as she was returning home to NF. I was confident though, that with Jessica’s drive and determination that she would persevere and finish this. I knew she had big dreams & aspirations. With her discipline & work ethics, along with continuing to work full time, she diligently worked & completed her studies in record time & graduated with highest honours. This is no small feat as a distance ed student. She then started her business, Jessica Mitton Nutrition, and she was on fire! It has been amazing & inspiring to follow her. She works hard & consistently to bring awareness of our industry to the province of NF. The field of natural nutrition is relatively new in that province, however, Jessica is changing that everyday with ongoing consultations, workshops, written articles, media interviews & a prominent presence on social media. Furthermore, she has just recently furthered her education by completing her credentials in Culinary Nutrition, to better serve her clients and the public. Jessica is indeed a trailblazer! Nothing is stopping her as she blazes onward & we are so proud to have been a part of her journey. I feel that our former founder, Danielle Perrault, is smiling down upon her & saying ‘look at you go girl’! Jessica is an amazing entrepreneur who epitomizes our philosophy...
— Judy Underhill, RHN, Manager CSNN Moncton, New Brunswick

In this last year I have been privileged to meet and interact with Jessica Mitton, Holistic Nutritionist. Her professionalism and enthusiasm for her new career path are contagious, she inspires me to reach deep within to take better care of myself. I have visited her home and seen the fruits of her labour in the vegetables she grows, I am a follower of her website and Facebook page, I have purchased her e-book for smoothies and juices and I have actually taken the time to make some of them. The content on her Facebook page is diverse and very informative. I love sharing it with my friends and family.

Jessica has enhanced my life and I believe she will do great things for anyone who meets her and avails of her services.
— Tobi Biggin, CBDC, Newfoundland

My name is Drew Taddia, I’ve been in the holistic health profession for just over 5 years now in different areas, from hosting a radio talk show to producing products in health food stores. I have had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing and working with many holistic professional over the years and I can say without question, someone like Jessica is a rarity to come across.

She’s come so far in a short time likely because something many professional lack, and that’s taking action, no question driven by her passion. I’ve worked with Jessica in business groups, in prep for our on air interview and in a few other ways since we met. It’s clear Jessica’s enthusiasm to help people, put herself out there, step outside of her comfort zone and more than anything, take action towards her goals is the reason she has been successful and will continue to be.

Not only does she push herself to new heights but she inspires those around her including myself to keep moving forward and make this world a healthier place.

I look forward to watching Jessica grow with her unlimited potential.

- Drew Taddia, True Life Form, Alberta

I decided to contact Jessica for a consultation with a view to improve my food choices and to address some health issues. She responded quickly to my email and set up a time to meet. When we met she did a full review of my diet and health and later met again to give me her suggestions based on the information she gathered at the first meeting. Jessica was very thorough and all her suggestions were based on solid background of nutrition and experience. She was very helpful in assisting me in making positive changes in my diet. I am still working on my food choices but know if I have a question or need help Jessica is there to advise. Consulting with Jessica is one of the best things I have done for my health. I never realized before how important digestion and gut health is to one’s overall well being.
— Jackie House, Newfoundland

When I first met Jessica I immediately connected with her. She has a very sincere and open approach and does it with a smile. Her knowledge for Holistic Health became very obvious to me but it was her passion and enthusiasm that stood out the most. She has a full on approach to both serving her clients and marketing her business both with a clear perspective of her clients best interest in mind.
— Katherine Wade, The Natural Health Shop Team Member, Newfoundland

Usually when we have had a small bite to eat we always crave for a pudding but we cannot as most puddings are filling, give us a sugar rush and leave us bloated. Then I came across Jessica’s recipe for the Avocado Chocolate Pudding, it looks light and sugar-free, so we gave it a bash. OMG! It was soooo good! My kid’s and the Mrs. loved it, it didn’t leave us bloated or even give us a sugar rush! Superb recipe and so tasty! Thank you Jessica!
— Abs Shahid, England