Guest Interviews

Each month, I will be interviewing a different special guest to provide you with expert health and wellness information, right from the horse’s mouth. These interviews will help you to stay informed and educated, and can provide a big boost to your own healthy lifestyle. This month's guest expert is Susan Day!



Susan lives by the motto ‘simple yet effective’.  Small actions can lead to big results… mentally and physically. 

Susan is an experienced yoga teacher, former IT professional and creator of The Office Yogi.  She is first and foremost a student of yoga and is living proof that it can change your life. Susan has been teaching full time for almost 5 years and teaches a variety of classes from chair yoga to yoga for runners.  She loves to see how simple breath work and movement can change how a person feels physically, their energy levels and frame of mind.  

Susan’s latest adventure is in the online space.  Her membership site, The Office Yogi, is helping people in offices access yoga and it’s benefits easily and effectively.  She is on a mission to create a culture of workplace wellness warriors… one deep breath at a time.  

You an learn more about Susan here:


Yes, as you may have guessed, Gareth is my husband. He is also an experienced meditator who has been practicing meditation for a number of years. He was taught how to meditate using the Transcendental Meditation technique, a type of mantra meditation, and has found so many health and wellness benefits from the practice that he wanted to be able to share it with others. Gareth recently obtained his certificate to teach Transformation Meditation, which is also a type of mantra meditation, and is excited to be able to bring the calming, recalibrating practice of meditation to more and more people.