Guest Interviews

Each month, I will be interviewing a different special guest to provide you with expert health and wellness information, right from the horse’s mouth. These interviews will help you to stay informed and educated, and can provide a big boost to your own healthy lifestyle. This month's guest expert is Joan Dohey!



Bowen Therapy with Joan Dohey


Over the past several years, Joan has been on a personal journey through the world of alternative health modalities, seeking answers to her own health problems. Along the way, she has been exposed to some fascinating methods of healing and has since become certified in Bowen Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Rahanni and most recently, Soul Genesis. She is a retired teacher and a certified life coach. Joan is passionate about helping other people heal and move forward in their lives, as she has done. You can learn more about Joan here:

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