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Online Happy Hormone Workshop: For Estrogen Dominance

Happy Hormone Workshop

(for Estrogen Dominance) 

Happy hormones make for a happy life! Did you know that the foods you eat play a vital role in ensuring your hormone levels are balanced, so that you feel healthy and energetic? Join Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Jessica Mitton for a fun, informative and downright delicious online event of learning and enjoying dishes specially designed to manage estrogen dominance in your body.

Estrogen dominance can cause symptoms that make you feel miserable and negatively impact your quality of life. Keep your hormones in line with this fun, informative evening of information and recipes – with a purpose!

Everyone can benefit from this creative online workshop featuring tasty foods that can aid in balancing your hormones. Did you know that estrogen dominance doesn’t only affect women; it can negatively impact men’s health too? Symptoms include breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, mood swings, and it can even lead to the development of cysts and growths. In this Hormone Health Workshop, you’ll learn what estrogen dominance is and how to manage it, along with some new tasty recipes. Jessica’s food philosophy is centred around enjoying organic, whole, locally-produced, nutrient-dense (and always mouth-wateringly delicious) foods as part of a holistic approach to life that includes the mind, body and spirit. Let Jessica lead you in this fun and informative workshop, and teach you about some new dishes that will support your hormone health and aid in the balance of your hormones by providing your body with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

You will:

·       Learn about estrogen dominance and its signs and symptoms.

·       Learn about estrogen dominance-causing foods to stay away from, while discovering the foods that will keep your hormones balanced, healthy and happy.

·       Learn some new, easy-to-make, nutrient-dense dishes that prevent and ease the symptoms of estrogen dominance.

·       Enjoy the delicious dishes prepared in the workshop with your newfound friends.

·      Get an information handout and all the recipes featured in the workshop, including a 7-day meal plan for hormonal health, with shopping list to get you started! 

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Later Event: June 11
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